Michigan Beer Love + Hawaii Beer Love = Sombrehumano Palena’ole Love

Sombrehumano Palena’ole is the recent collaboration between Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and Maui Brewing Co. Each brewery brought their own unique talents and ingredients to the crafting of this fantastic American Wild Ale. From Michigan: cherries. From Hawaii: liliko’i (passion fruit). Even though both breweries released this beer, they each had their own variation. You can read the specific details here. And the number 4391 on the label represents the number of miles separating the two states.

As for the bottle seen here, it was enjoyed but not right away. It was served colder than it probably should have been, but given the temperatures lately, it made it very refreshing. Thanks to the all powerful Zeus, we were able to let the beer sit and warm up a little. Who is Zeus you ask? He’s the the handsome little guy below (not the one in the beer) that we’re currently dogsitting in hopes (and secretly not hoping because he’s awesome and would love to keep him!) of locating the owners. Friends of ours found him yesterday wandering through their neighborhood. He has a chip which revealed his name, but the phone number was disconnected.

For the time being, we’ll have our fun with him. And his role tonight to help make that beer taste even better…he needed a walk which allowed the beer to warm up a little. And it made a huge difference.




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