“Top 100 Beers in the World” – My Take

Last night, a good friend of mine, Tim, posted the following great questions on the wall of The Beer Truck:

“Question for The Beer Truck: Are there any beers that you recognize as a great beer that you personally can’t stand drinking? or… Are there any beers highly rated on beeradvocate or ratebeer that you completely disagree with? Just curious. Thank you beer truck.”

Tim, I’m going to answer the second part of your post. Yesterday I went through the top 100 beers in the world according to Beer Advocate. This is a living list and rating system, due to the fact that it always reflects the ratings of its users who are continually rate beers around the world. As for my experience with the top 100, here is a break down of just the ones I’ve sampled:

26: beers of the top 100 I’ve had

18: breweries representing those 26

10 & 8 (of the 18 breweries): available in Michigan and not available in Michigan

3: Michigan breweries

4: most I’ve had from one brewery – Founders (go Grand Rapids!!) and Russian River

2,657: Most reviews for one beer – Bells Hopslam

151: Fewest reviews for one beer – Founders Black Biscuit (PLEASE be part of the Back Stage Series)

3 & 92: Highest and lowest ranking beers I’ve had – Founders CBS & Founders Black Biscuit (never bottled…yet)

1: numbers of beers I’d pass on now that I’ve had it – AleSmith Speedway Stout (too much coffee, and I’ve had a lot of coffee beers)

In conclusion, I loved 25 of the 26 beers I’ve tasted from the top 100. As for the one I’d pass on, I wouldn’t say I completely disagree with its placement, so to answer your question, I’d say no. And if you’re looking for some great beers to try, this is a great list to go by.

53: ranking of the beer I’m drinking while writing this – Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS) 2008 vintage…one of my favorites! And a very special thank to the person who introduced me to BCBS in 2007, Tim, the same person who posted the above questions.






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