Scotch & Cotton Blends, How About Beer Blends?

When it comes to Scotch, at some point I’m sure you’ve heard the term “single malt”, meaning the malt came from one distillery. If the malts came from multiple distilleries, it’s commonly referred to as “blended Scotch.” If you’re seen the movie Spy Games (great movie), you’ll know to never order anything but a single malt Scotch aged no less than twelve years, and personally, I agree!

Blending beer on the other hand is another story…and a short one at that. For beer, it doesn’t matter. You either like it or you don’t. The End!

In the case of the beer I had the privilege of tasting tonight, I’d have to go with blended if forced to make a choice. From The Lost Abbey, I had a beer called “Deliverance“. It’s a blend of two beers they make called Angel’s Share (American Strong Ale) and Serpent’s Stout, which are aged in brandy barrels and oak bourbon barrels respectively. The outcome is amazing and I can’t wait to get my lips on the edge of a glass filled with it’s magnificent aromas and flavors! And something I hope for even more than that is to someday have a bottle of Brandy Barrel Angel’s Share, Bourbon Barrel Serpent’s Stout and Deliverance all together for a side, by side, by side tasting.

OK, I’m not really going to talk about cotton blends, but it made the title seem warm and soft, right? I simply wanted to share something about beer that isn’t all to common.




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