From California to Michigan…Beer Love!!

Because of our mutual for love for great beer, I connected with a man named Steven in the spring of 2011. Specifically, our love for beer that we can’t get in our own states. Almost a year later and countless beers traded, I consider Steven a good friend of mine. His generosity with beer has been beyond amazing and considering the fact that we have never met, it pales in comparison to him being a genuinely good person.

Today I received a special package from him, but it did not contain beer. It came with two very special glasses bearing the logo of an elite  and special unit of the beer community called “Hop Heads.” This community consists of almost 200 men and women who all share one very specific thing in common: their love for great beer.

Tonight we raise our glasses to Steven and the entire Hop Heads community for letting us share in their passion, love, obsession and generosity when it comes to enjoying so many different and delicious beers. Below is a picture in which we have christened the glasses with Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer (organic and gluten free) and North Coast Brewing’s Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin XIV Russian Imperial Stout…hers and his respectively.

From Michigan to California and everywhere in between, cheers to our fellow Hop Heads and all lovers of great beer.


About thebeertruck

Avid beer drinker, trader, and lover of all things hops.
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7 Responses to From California to Michigan…Beer Love!!

  1. hopfather says:

    So glad to have you guys, welcome to official beer porn.

  2. Eddie C says:

    You didn’t mention there that gluton free beer when we last chatted. Kinda bummed I am on the wagon. at least for the time being. Love what your doing with the blog.

  3. Eddie C says:

    oops. you didnt mention the above beer.

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