Want to Try a New Beer But Don’t Want to Buy a Six-pack? Find a Store That Lets You Mix Your Own

Depending on where you buy your beer, you might see several different kinds of six-packs to select from in many different varieties. It’s great having so many to choose from, but buying a different six-pack to try something new each time can get pricey. What if you drink one and you don’t like it or your discovered a style you haven’t had before and want to try different breweries’ versions of that style? That can get pricey.

Did you know many stores now give you the option to make/mix your own six-pack? Whether you’re new to the world of beer or consider yourself a beer connoisseur (go ahead, call us beer snobs…it’s all the same to us), this is a fantastic option. If you just discovered you love stouts and want to try more, this allows you to pick out six different ones to try instead of buying six different six-packs.

If you’re in Grand Rapids, MI as I am, here are a few great places that let you pick your own: Art of the Table, Martha’s Vineyard, B&B Liquor, International Beverage and Siciliano’s. And that’s just to name a few in this area alone and that’s far from all of them. Do a search online to discover who in your area does that and give it a try. It’s a fun way to try and/or discover beers you might not have known about or thought you’d ever like.



About thebeertruck

Avid beer drinker, trader, and lover of all things hops.
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