Souvenirs – Fermented Style!!!

What’s my favorite part of flying to another part of the country? Access to beers I can’t get in Michigan…except for the trip when I got these six. I should probably say that my sister’s wedding was my favorite part of that trip. That aside, if you have luggage to check, make sure to save some room to securely pack a few good beers to bring home. I should probably mention that beers in your carry on won’t fly.

If you’re heading somewhere and want some suggestions for some good beers to look for, feel free to ask and I’ll be more than happy to throw some ideas your way, especially if you want to bring me back some.

My all time favorite “flying with beer” story is when my mother flew out to Portland, OR to visit my sister, who just happens to live about 15 minutes away from a guy I just set up a trade with. Much to my surprise…and delight, my mother packed my contribution to the trade in her luggage and met up with the guy on Mother’s Day to make the trade for me. I have a great mom!!!



About thebeertruck

Avid beer drinker, trader, and lover of all things hops.
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