This is how I roll…

Four oak barrels…in my kitchen!

But these aren’t just any oak barrels. These are four oak barrels that aged Kentucky Bourbon and then maple syrup before aging a beer from Founders called Old Curmudgeon, an “Old Ale” (similar to barleywine which I talked about a few days ago) that is part of their regular line up. The end result is called Curmudgeon’s Better Half (formally known as Kaiser Curmudgeon but never bottled) and it’ll be released in 750ML bottles on the 13th of February.

If the idea of beer aged in barrels is new to you, you’re missing out. The barrels highlighted here were used to age bourbon before beer, but bourbon is one of many things aged in oak barrels before beer. Here are a few others: red wine, white wine, cognac, tequila and rum.

Why aged beer in used barrels? Oak barrels on their own add flavors of vanilla, oak and roasted flavors and when the barrels age bourbon or other fermented beverages, they take on some of the flavors and characteristics and then that is passed on to the beer. Here are a few of my personal favorite barrel aged beers: Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Canadian Breakfast Stout, Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout, Mikkeller Cognac Aged Black Hole and Port Brewing Company Older Viscosity. Enjoy!


This is how I roll...


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3 Responses to This is how I roll…

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  2. Michael hill says:

    What are you going to do with these barrels? I have to think they are still good for another batch of stout inside them.

  3. thebeertruck says:

    One of them will be used to age a vanilla stout by a friend of mine, one is going to another friend for beer, and my girlfriend and I are keeping the other two with a few different ideas in mind for them.

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