Founders to Release All Day IPA in Bottles –

India Pale Ale (IPA) is an incredibly popular style of beer and one of my personal favorites. There are hundreds of different breweries that have at least one IPA in their lineup that normally ranges from about 5.5% to 7.5% abv. but can reach 20% abv. The strongest beer I have ever had was 120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewery at 20%. And believe it or not, that’s just under half of the punch Brew Dog’s Sink the Bismarck packs with an abv. of 41%. At the time of release, it was the strongest beer in the world.

As for Founder’s All Day IPA, it comes in at a modest 4.7% abv. As popular as IPA’s are with their “hoppy” flavors that come out in citric, herb and floral flavors and aroma and are usually consider bitter, drinking two or three feels a little different than two or three Miller Lites because of their higher alcohol content. With All Day IPA, Founders was able to produce an IPA with a little less kick without sacrificing flavor.

I’ve been fortunate to have several opportunities to have All Day on tap at the brewery and I’m excited that beer lovers will finally be able to pick up a six pack at their favorite beer store.



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4 Responses to Founders to Release All Day IPA in Bottles –

  1. Troy says:

    FYI once it gets above 7.5%abv it is no longer an IPA. It is now an Imperial IPA or other labels would be IIPA or even IIIPA.

  2. thebeertruck says:

    Thanks for catching that, Troy. It should have said 7.5% to begin with, which I updated. Double IPA or DIPA is another common label as well for the stronger ones. Technically, there’s isn’t a definitive guideline that breweries have to follow when labeling there beers under the IPA category. Some have beers that are as much as 10% that they still label as an IPA instead of a double or imperial. I think using the double or imperial label is a good idea though. It helps remind us Hop Heads (IPA/DIPA lovers) that it’s a stronger beer. Cheers!

  3. hopfather says:

    Session IPA’s are the hop flavor savers, essentially a hop tea with a kick… this will be great for summer.

  4. thebeertruck says:

    I highly agree! I’m glad it’s going to be available year round so that fresh bottles can be consumed along side a good summer BBQ.

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